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Kingdoms & Lords Apk v1.3.2 (1.3.2) Download

Kingdoms & Lords 1.3.2
Time to show management skills in your Kingdom. Learn to manage and train your army to make it unstoppable and powerful over any army. Its time to protect your kingdom from Dark powers and to show the courage!!
Kingdoms & Lords is a fighting based casual game where you have a beautiful kingdom and an army. Some dark forces are keeping an eye on your kingdom and has decided to take over. So you have decided to protect your kingdom from every possible attempt by the Dark powers!
Kingdoms & Lords 1.3.2
Vanish the Barbarian forces out of your kingdom no matter how many battles you need to fight for this. But here is the problem, the cruel Dark king has got such great powers using some magic, and he has become indestructible, so you will be needing a great strategy to work this out!!!
All the best!!!

• A strategy game: raise an army and attack your neighbors. Hire, train, and develop your army to prepare them for combat.
• A medieval simulation: expand lands, cultivate crops and raise animals to get money and food. Enjoy a rich production system to build up your kingdom.

• Optimize your production system and get extra revenue.
• Upgrade your buildings, unlock new ones, and enhance your capacities.
• Invest to develop your army and upgrade their weapons.
• Protect your kingdom, defeat rival armies, and steal their resources!

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SkatinGirlz v1.01 Apk+Data Android

Skate on the beach and fight!

SkatinGirlz is a time race where you need to collect time bonuses in order to complete laps and win the race.

Beware of the computer opponents.They will try to kick you out of the game!

You can of course fight back kicking and punching them.

There are 5 beautiful 3d levels with a tropical environment and even an erupting volcano on one of the islands

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The Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division (AKA F.R.A.G.G.E.D) specializes in the development and deployment of superhuman special agents. Headed since its formation by the brilliant soldier-turned-scientist Mother Gun, its current roster consists of only two active field operatives, code-named Percy and Francis Gun. Their lifelong mission: to protect the cosmos from the Tyrannical Oppressors of Life known as T.O.O.L.

Like a super-powered fungus gone haywire, the evil T.O.O.L organization has grown from the dankest levels of the criminal underworld to spread its own brand of malevolent funk to every corner of the galaxy. Most recently, they’ve set their sights on harvesting the rare element Xplodium in an effort to create even more powerful weapons to enslave the universe… But not if the GUN BROS have anything to do about it!


Infested with all new ZOMBIE T.O.O.L. enemies! Included with an all new SURVIVAL MODE!


Form your own Brotherhood: Add your Facebook friends to form your brotherhood- your brothers will help protect you and destroy the T.O.O.L enemies. Every time a friend uses your Brother, you gain valuable experience to help your progress, even if you’re not currently in the game!


Non-stop 3D Action shooter: The waves of T.O.O.L enemies just keep on coming and you and your brother need to have some serious out-of-this-world shooting skills to take those repugnant space bullies down!


Complete a wave without taking any damage to receive an explodium bonus for that wave. No pain, you gain!


Get ready to become a true master of your awesome weapons. Earn up to a gold ranking for every weapon and get bonus XP each time you increase your weapon’s mastery rank


Want to get the most brotherhood rewards? Brotherhood auto-switch allows you to automatically use brothers in combat that will earn you a daily reward for playing!


Tons of insanely powerful Guns, Armor and other explosive power-ups to get your hands on in the F.R.A.G.G.E.D Armory.

Xperia Play optimized !!

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Software Releases • Samsung Apps v2.7.032

Samsung Apps v2.7.032
Requirements: Android 2.3 or higher
Overview: Explore apps on your mobile, anytime, anywhere.


Samsung Apps allows you to simply and easily download an abundance of applications to your phone.
Featuring a wealth of games, news, reference, social networking, navigation, and more applications.
Samsung Apps makes your Smartphone smarter.
Download applications on your PC and transfer them to your mobile.
Explore apps on your mobile, anytime, anywhere.
Samsung Apps introduces boundless possibilities for your mobile life.
Install Samsung Kies on your PC and enjoy the option of browsing through Samsung Apps on your large computer monitor.
You can install applications through the website by wireless regardless of time and place.

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Hatchi Apk v1.04 (1.04) Download

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Released Game Name: Hatchi 1.04 Apk Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up Category Description: Casual Game Overview: Do you have a pet? No, Don’t worry then install this wonderful app and have you r cute pet in your hand. Do what ever you want to do with your pet. Lets see how much you care for him!! [...]

Defence Hero 2 Apk v1.1.0 (1.1.0) Download

Defence Hero 2 1.1.0
Are you Ready to play the role of a Hero, the one you always wanted to be. You are facing a world of war against humans. You need to give it a stop because the future of Humankind is in danger! Immerse yourself in a thrilling battle to save your people!!
Defense Hero II is an action packed strategy game where you play the role of a hero and fight many thrilling battles against your enemies. Find out more battle cards to prove yourself a great hero!
Defence Hero 2 1.1.0
Game features :
CHOOSE your Hero!
-Choose your Hero to play through the epic story! (More heroes to be updated.)
-Level up your hero to unlock a variety of skills.

ASSEMBLE your own team of warriors!
-Collect +30 unique unit & +50 item cards and load out your deck for battle.
-Explore a variety of strategies by uniquely composing the cards in your deck.

CUSTOMIZE your own battle cards
- Reinforce your units, and fuse your items by enchanting.
- Create cards that will turn the tables on the enemies!

Challenge your friends!
-Challenge & compete with your friends through the iOS game center

No time for slacking!
-Use your instincts to generate your units, use the item cards, and use the hero’s powerful skills all at the same time!

Play Dark Paladin for FREE + 5 free stages with Holy Archer!


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Basketball All-Stars Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

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Basketball All-Stars 1.0 We welcomes you for the latest Basketball game in Sports at Google play store for Android. Play as a professional sports person who is addicted to basketball and help him in getting All starts! Basketball All-Stars is the newest casual type Basketball game that is free to download. It offers you a great [...]

White Noise FULL v4.2.2 Apk App

Requirements: ANDROID 1.6 and up

Overview: Relax. Sleep Better. Feel Better. Download White Noise and sleep great!

 White Noise has 40 ambient sounds to help you relax or sleep. Audio background service, sound shutoff timer, multiple alarms, sound controls, and high quality looping sounds like ocean waves, rain storms, running stream, and more. Recommended by Health Magazine and Washington Post. Find out why the world is sleeping better!

 Includes the following great features:

 • 40 perfectly looped ambient sleep sounds

 • Quick access to your favorite sounds

 • Sound shutoff timer to save battery (volume slowly fades out)

 • Alarm clock with multiple alarm sounds

 • Full screen LED digital clock perfect for any nightstand

 • Alarm slowly fades volume in so you wake up refreshed

 • No Ads

 What's in this version:

 - Auto playing on start up has moved to a user preference on the settings screen, defaults to off

 - Fixed various crashes some users were experiencing

 Check out our latest game: Tic Tac Toe Glow by TMSOFT! It's a FREE download at:

Download Instructions:


The Elements v1.9.5 Apk App

 Requirements: Android 1.5+

 Overview: Information on all 118 elements. Quick and Accurate. What are you waiting for?

 The Elements gives you quick access to the information you need, when you need it. Not only do you get properties of the 118 elements, but you get other information that is commonly used in a chemistry class.

 The Elements includes

 -Physical Constants

 -Periodic Table View

 -List View


 -Anions & Cations

 -App 2 SD

 -Swipe Navigation

 20+ properties/facts about each element, images, calculations. Only on The Elements.

 What's in this version:

 -Updated UI for Gingerbread

 -Improved Table Scrolling

 -Larger Images

 -Optimized for more Devices

 Download Instructions:

BeWeather & Widgets Pro v1.2.25 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: The only weather and widgets app you will ever need!

 See the current weather in stunning high definition weather animations! Contains many beautiful and highly customizable weather and clock widgets.

 ★ "The Year's Top 10 Apps for Android Phones" The New York Times 2011

 ★ "BeWeather is a drop dead gorgeous weather app that gets its data from Weather Underground." Gizmodo 2011

 ★ "BeWeather is now our go-to weather app. Period." Android Central 2011

 NEW! Use clock skins and iconsets from the popular Beautiful Widgets¹ app!

 The #1 best selling and award winning BerryWeather for BlackBerry is now finally coming to Android!

 BeWeather Pro brings a ton of customization options to modify its looks, widgets, notification settings and default weather parameters. Set custom background images or stick with the eye-candy high definition animations portraying current weather conditions.

 *** BeWeather Pro will download an additional 25 MB of resources after installation (saved in external/sd memory) ***

 BeWeather 1.2 with support for ICS will be released very soon. Want to help beta test?


 - 100% Ad-Free

 - Weather data provided by Weather Underground, includes 7 day and hourly forecasts

 - Visually stunning display of weather information using high definition animations

 - Fully customizable clock and weather widgets in multiple sizes. Comes with 150+ FREE iconsets!

 - Support for skins and iconsets from the popular Beautiful Widgets¹ app!

 - Support for iconsets from the popular Fancy Widgets² app!

 - More accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location

 - Dynamic Google Maps based animated radar and satellite maps (US only)

 - Automatically track your location via GPS/cell

 - Temperature notification in statusbar

 - Automatically refresh weather on widgets at preset interval or when your phone is unlocked

 - Instant weather advisory notifications (US only) via push technology (Android 2.2 and higher)

 - Built-in animated radar maps (US only)

 - Replace/extend the default radar maps with your preferred weather service's radar maps!

 - Get more accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location

 - Add custom web cams and other media links (weather radio, video, HTML etc)

 - Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase

 - Completely customize BeWeather using fonts and colors

 ¹Beautiful Widgets is a trademark of LevelUp Studio and is in no way affiliated with Bellshare

 ²Fancy Widgets is a trademark of Android Does and is in no way affiliated with Bellshare

 What's in this version:

Download Instructions:

 Cracked version


 BeWeather & Widgets Pro v1.2.25 + Luckypatcher (if the above version doesn't work):