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Software Releases • TripIt Travel Organizer v2.5.2

TripIt Travel Organizer v2.5.2
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: TripIt is the world’s easiest way to organize and share your travel plans.
No more searching through your inbox to find your airline reservation. No more scrambling to get directions to your hotel. No more worrying about what time your business dinner starts. With TripIt, everything you need to get you where you’re going and back again is at your fingertips—on your smartphone, tablet or online at tripit.com.

Simply forward all of your hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant reservations to us and we’ll do the rest. TripIt magically organizes all of your travel plans in one place so you can access them anytime, anywhere—in the airport or on the road (even when you don’t have an Internet connection.) Just hit forward. And sit back.

Want to add a few notes, links, or recommendations? Just click Add Plans and enter away. Need to share your trip with family or colleagues? Consider it done. Your TripIt master itinerary has all the details you need, plus maps, directions and weather, so you can keep calm and carry on.


• Keep all of your travel plans in one spot and stay organized with separate itineraries for every destination—ideal for frequent travelers.

• Access trip details whenever and wherever you need them—on your smartphone, tablet or online at tripit.com.

• Forward travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and never worry about losing them again. (If you use Gmail, it happens automatically.)

• Easily add or edit plans manually right from the app or on tripit.com.

• Share your trip plans with family or colleagues so they know when and where you’re headed.

• Get daily weather forecasts, directions and maps for each destination.

• Use map-based search to find restaurants, businesses and attractions, then add them to your trip itinerary in one click.

• Sync all your trip plans with your calendar.

• Post your destinations to Facebook or Linked In and get travel advice from your social network.

• Upgrade to TripIt Pro for $49/year and get everything in TripIt plus on-the-go flight alerts, status updates and more while you’re traveling. Check out m.tripit.com/pro.

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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Software Releases • GMD GestureControl ★ root v2.7.1

GMD GestureControl ★ root v2.7.1
Requirements: Android 3.1+
Overview: Control device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. Works in all applications. You can even hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favorite games or while browsing.


Control tablet with MULTITOUCH gestures like iPad. Hide status bar, full screen.

Control device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. Works in all applications. You can even hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favorite games or while browsing.

★ Try Lite version before you buy
★ Requires root access
★ USB Debuging must be enabled in Android setting

★ Multitouch
★ Multitask - start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application
★ Custom actions - LaunchPad, Start application, Previous Application, Next application, Home, Kill current application, Back, Forward, Recent application list, Recent application dialog, Menu, Notification Panel, Hide/Show status bar, Start launcher shorcut(bookmark, contacts, settings, etc), Start Tasker task, Pause gestures, Exit, Screen Off (lock)
★ Swipe 4 fingers right - open previous application
★ Swipe 4 fingers left - open next application
★ Expand 4 fingers - LaunchPad (similar to SwypePad, start any application, shortcut or custom action)
★ Pinch 4 fingers - Home gesture
★ Swipe 3 fingers down - Back gesture
★ Swipe 3 fingers up - Hide/Show status bar (ICS is in Alfa stage)
★ Custom gestures - create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action

Description: This application allows you to control tablet with gestures.
Swipe 3 fingers up to hide status bar. Do same gesture again to restore bar.
Swipe 4 fingers right to open previous application.
Swipe 4 fingers left to open next application.
Pinch with 4 fingers anywhere on screen to return to home screen from any application.
Swipe 3 fingers down to execute back action in any application.
Expand 4 fingers anywhere on screen to open LaunchPad dialog. It is similar to SwypePad and allows start your most often used applications, shortcuts or custom actions anywhere anytime with simple gesture.
Works in all applications, games and browsers.

Application will use freed space when you hide status bar. Some games even work better with status bar hidden.
There is an option to switch to single touch gestures if its more convenient. You can even create your own gestures for any action.
Full version adds following features: option to hide notification icon, custom gestures and special actions, any number of actions in LaunchPad.

What's new:
  • 2.7.1:
    • Minor fixes
  • 2.7.0
    • Added application blacklist: pause gestures, hide status bar, exclude from prev/next apps.
    • Notification icon for Paused gestures.
    • Changed Search action to work like Search button.
    • Fixed: In some cases S3 and Galaxy Nexus failed to connect to multitouch device driver and needed service restart.
    • Fixed: Prev/Next App changing browser tab or creating new tab.
    • New devices: Droid Razr, BiPad10, XT910, XT912, IM-A830K, Archos 80G9 (A80), SXZ-PDX0-01, U30GT-H

More Info:

Fast Burst Camera full v3.1.7 Apk Android

This is the fastest camera app available for Android. Not even the newest iPhones are able to shoot this fast.

Fast Burst Camera is capable of taking 30 photos per second.

( on low-end devices, 5-10 photos per second is possible )

Hold shoot button for continuous burst, or tap for fast single shots.

Zero shutter lag - pictures are taken as soon as shutter button is pressed.

★ Supports flash, focus and zoom. Shutter sound can be turned of.

★ Great for

- sports shots

- pictures of kids or pets

- party camera

- taking a burst of pictures in an important situation, and pick the best later

- analyse your golf swing frame-by-frame

- Parkour shots

★ Tips for good burst photos

- get as much light as possible - especially when capturing things or people in motion

- keep the camera steady

- hold the shoot button for continuous bursts, and pick the good shots later.

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

ASTRO File Manager / Browser Pro v3.1.389 full Apk Android

William: "Best file manager out there"

Kent: "The best. Can't wait to see v3.0!!"

Simon: "The best file manager there is. Now its updated, its 5*s from me!"

Nate: "Always installed on my Android devices. Easily the best file manager for android available and I will always install it on every android device I own :)"

Features include: file management, file and/or app backup, Image and text viewers, networking, SMB, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments and more…

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

GEARS & GUTS v1.0.1 Apk+Data Android

• Wide-open combat in massive environments.

• Sports cars, monster trucks and armored vehicles.

• Dozens of cars and items to earn, including rare, experimental weapons.

• One car vs. hundreds of zombies


• The Walker: Cannon-fodder, but deadly in groups.

• The Bruiser: A walking mountain of undead flesh.

• The Runner: Keep your speed up or they’ll drag you down.

• … and many more!

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

Titanium Backup Pro 5.5.0 Apk App

Requirements: ANDROID 1.0 and up

Overview: EXTREMELY powerful tool. Backup ALL apps, Market links, remove bloatware & MORE!

 ☆Needs ROOT, Android 1.5-4.1+ (ARM,x86,MIPS)

 ☆Over 5.5 million users, 28+ languages.

 ☆PRO Key is available on Play Store!

 ☆Voted #1 TOP ROOT APP on Twitter.

 ☆Problem? See titaniumtrack.com/kb

 ☆Scroll down for more info & VIDEOS

 ☆ ☆ ☆

 Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.

 You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app's data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app.

 Also see the paid PRO key which adds EVEN MORE awesome features such as:

 [✔] 0-click batch restores

 [✔] Keep multiple backups per app

 [✔] Multi-user app data

 [✔] Apps freezer

 [✔] Sync to/from Dropbox (manual/scheduled)

 [✔] Sync to/from Box (manual/scheduled)

 [✔] Sync to/from Google Drive (manual/scheduled)

 [✔] Convert user apps <=> system apps

 [✔] Integrate system app updates into ROM

 [✔] Encryption

 [✔] Market Doctor (relink apps to Market)

 [✔] "Destroy all Market links" feature

 [✔] Hypershell speed

 [✔] Backup apps without closing them!

 [✔] Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!

 [✔] Restore individual apps+data from TWRP backups!

 [✔] Market "auto updating" manager

 [✔] Dalvik cache cleaner

 [✔] Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM

 [✔] Unlimited schedules

 [✔] Load/Save a Filter and use it in Widgets/Schedules

 [✔] Protect backup against deletion

 [✔] Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and import it in 1 click

 [✔] Backup→Verify→Un-install an app in one shot

 [✔] Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click

 [✔] CSV export any app DB (e-mail or Google Docs)

 [✔] Convert app data to/from fast WAL format

 [✔] WAY MORE!

 What's in this version:

 • [PRO] Added full support for batch, scheduling, compression & encryption on XML backup elements. The "backup modified data" action is supported as well. XML elements are yellow in the app list and their backups are named ".xml.*". When attempting to batch restore both XML and snapshot elements, a dialog appears for choosing the preferred kind.

 • "Data usage" element supports Android 4.1+.

 • Fixed detection of "Web browser" element on Android 4.1+.

 • Misc UI tweaks.

 • Updated translations.


 1. Install the latest version of Titanium Backup into Internal Memory (Don't run)

 2. Add TitaniumBackup_license.txt to the root of your sd card.

 3. Run Titanium Backup.

 4. Enjoy.

Download Instructions:


CameraPro (CameraX) 2.0 v2.23 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: CameraPro (previously known as "CameraX") offers fast access to your mobile's camera capturing and video recording features. It is highly customizable including different designs and menu arrangements. Pictures can be directly uploaded from CameraPro to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Twitter.

 CameraPro (previously known as "CameraX") offers fast access to your mobile's camera capturing and video recording features. It is highly customizable including different designs and menu arrangements. Pictures can be directly uploaded from CameraPro to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Twitter.

 CameraPro on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CameraProApp

 The following list gives an overview over the features. PLEASE NOTE that features marked with "*" vary between different phone models!

 Camera Modes:

 - Still (normal mode)

 - Video / expert video mode (HD video greater than 720x480p is in Beta and works only on some phone models)

 - Self-timer

 - Time-lapse: record time-lapse picture series (Android 3.0+: record time-lapse videos too)

 - Burst: shoot a set of pictures as fast as the phone supports

 - Bracketing: take up to 10(!) different exposed images (can be used for HDR stitching with other apps)

 - Anti-shake: take pictures exactly in the moment when the phone is not moving

 Picture contols:

 - Focus (autofocus, macro, infinity, continuous autofocus, face detection,...)*

 - White balance*

 - Flash (including videolight)*

 - Effects (such as mono, negative, solarize, aqua,...)*

 - Scene modes (night, landscape, portrait, beach, snow, fireworks, sports, party, candlelight, text,...)*

 - Image controls (exposure compensation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation)*

 - ISO*

 - Metering mode*

 - Antibanding*


 - Grid (customizable)

 - Level meter/virtual horizon with indicator*

 - Compass*

 - Touch focus (Android 4+)*

 - Zooming*

 Expert video mode (excerpt)

 - Automatic bypassing of recording time respectively file size limit by means of file splitting (short gap possible between files)

 - Disable audio recording

 - Adjust audio channels, sampling rate, audio/video bitrates, frame rates, audio/video codecs, video container format, video dimensions*

 - Supports 1080p video recording (e.g. Galaxy S2)*

 Settings (excerpt)

 - Use volume keys, hardware shutter, trackball, and touch buttons for capturing and focusing*

 - Set CameraPro as default camera app*

 - Disable shutter sound

 - Fullscreen viewfinder*

 - Back/front camera (front camera does not support video recording yet)*

 - Image compression quality

 - Different arbitrary storage locations for video and photos including customizable filenames


 - For video resolutions greater than 720x480 set focus mode to "Continuous" if available. Else recording might start delayed (app looks as if it hangs for some seconds on the Samsung Galaxy S2)

 - Zooming and picture controls can only be modified BEFORE video recording

 - Changing from continuous autofocus to some other focus mode can be very slow

 - Sometimes the direct HD video preview in the video player (started from CameraPro) shows only a black screen. When the player is started manually the video play back is fine.

 - If updating from CameraX fails, uninstall CameraX before installing CameraPro.

 - Video recording on some HTC devices and on all devices with Android 2.2 and older is only partly supported

 HTC/Distorted Pictures:

 - Some still picure resolutions on some HTC devices are distored (e.g. 16:9 resolutions). Enable the "HTC fix" under settings to fix.

 LG/Viewfinder orientation:

 - On some devices the viewfinder orientation is wrong (e.g. LG P500). Enable "Orientation fix" under settings to fix.

 What's in this version:


 - Added German localization/translation


Download Instructions:



KITT Voice Box &amp; Speedometer v1.23 Apk App

Requirements: Varies with device

Overview: Knight Rider's KITT voicebox and speedo- talk with KITT! 2000 online samples!

 *Italian language support! - more italian voice commands and voice samples for online mode coming soon.

 The one and only Knight Rider's voice box and Speedometer for Android is finally here. This app imitates the Knight Rider series talking car voice box and Speedometer from series season 1.

 Some of the features:

 ★ Talk with KITT, give voice commands, ask questions (in Auto Cruise mode)

 ★ Play over 2000 Knight Rider samples in Online Mode

 ★ Display real-time voice graph of any audio like music or you speaking (in Normal and Pursuit Mode).

 ★ Use the eye catching startup sequence in your car to impress your friends

 ★ Most realistic voice graph using simulated separate led lights, simulating even voltage drop

 ★ Play with well known features like scanner, turbo boost and pursuit mode! Press any button to hear KITT speaking.

 ★ Now featuring KITT's biggest enemy KARR (in Pursuit Mode)

 ★ Double tap voicebox screen to view it fullscreen. Then tap the screen to play random sample

 ★ Hold any button to save sound samples as ringtones or notifications

 ★ Turn your device into landscape mode to show GPS speedometer. Tap the speed unit to change between mph/kmh.

 ★ Double tapp speedo view to enter HUD mode.

 A tribute to Michael and KITT!

 What's in this version:

 - added call [contact name] voice command - this will initiate a call, exact display name from contact list must be given

 - to make a call the app requires read contacts and call phone permissions, used only by call voice commands

 - added scanner screen, touch to change scanner speed, double tap to exit to voicebox view

 - added context menu option scanner on/off


Download: Released by chathu_ac

Software Releases • UBER Jelly Donate CM10 Theme V1.7

UBER Jelly Donate CM10 Theme
In order to use this you must be on a custom ROM and rooted that has theme chooser capabilites.

To get the theme exactly like it is in the screenshots please visit this thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... ?t=1741949 for extras
Same theme as UBER Jelly see here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... lRoZW1lIl0. for more screenshots. This one will be the same as the free version but will be updated first and much quicker.


Software Releases • Glasklart Go Launcher EX Theme v2.3

Glasklart Go Launcher EX Theme v2.3
Android 2.2+
This is a port of the Glasklart icons that originated on MacThemes.net for GO Launcher EX. Also compatible with Apex Pro Launcher & Nova Launcher. This theme contains 390+ icons & counting! I take icon requests so please feel free to email me or leave a comment suggesting which app icons you'd like to see themed & I'll update it ASAP =)


This is a port of the Glasklart icons that originated on MacThemes.net for GO Launcher EX. Also compatible with Apex Pro Launcher & Nova Launcher.

This theme contains 390+ icons & counting! I take icon requests so please feel free to email me or leave a comment suggesting which app icons you'd like to see themed & I'll update it ASAP =)

NOTE! This theme has A LOT of icons, & Go Launcher isn't optimized to handle this many icons when scrolling through the icons list on lower end phones, so it might force close if you aren't patient. Also, not all icons appear in the icons list to prevent lag. I try to manually choose the best icons to show up.

If you want to match the look of the screenshots then simply change the icon size to Large (menu>preferences>character settings>icons>icon size) & hide the app labels (menu>preferences>screen settings>app label icons)

This is NOT a standalone app, so download Go Launcher EX in the market if you haven't already done so.

1. Install GO Launcher EX (free & available in the Market)
2. Install this theme
3. Menu -> Themes -> Glasklart

What's in this version:
Updated to 2.3 on [August 7th, 2012]
- Added 18 new requested icons, & updated some icons.
- Check out my Go SMS & Go Contacts Holo themes! Available in Blue, Green, Red & Purple!
- Use Go Locker? Check out my new Nexus theme =)
Got requests? Email me!

Software Releases • AppDads Coloring Expansion v2.0.7

AppDads Coloring Expansion v2.0.7
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Create your own kids coloring book!


AppDads Coloring Expansion is a customizable paint program for kids. This app unlocks the advanced features and drawing modes of the free version of the app. Backed by the power of Google, this app adds the ability to download virtually limitless coloring pages all from within the app. Does your child have an affinity towards princesses, trucks, dinosaurs, or a specific character from a TV show? No problem.


* Includes over 50 images of fun colorable characters.
* Select a color and touch a white fillable region to paint.
* Express your creativity by free hand drawing.
* Correct mistakes with the eraser.
* Adjust the thickness of the brush or eraser.
* Decorate with your favorite stamps and color them just as you would a normal coloring page.
* Use the zoom and pan feature to get those hard to reach coloring places.
* Personalize the coloring pages with your own images.
* Virtually limitless coloring pages to download backed by the power of Google all from within the app.
* 154 different colors to choose from.
* Save your creations to the gallery.
* Share and publish your work (Facebook, email, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, Picasa, etc.)
More Info:

Weapon Chicken Apk v1.1 (1.1) Download

Released Game NameWeapon Chicken 1.1 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up
Category Description:
 Arcade & Action
Game Overview: Ever heard of a chicken fighting battle ? or A chicken killing deadly monster. Yes, this time a chickenhas got enough courage and power to easily flush out monsters who wish to kill him!!
Weapon Chicken is a 3D action based game where a chicken is so courageous to kill every monster who wish to come in his way. Equip more and more weapons to your chicken to make him more powerful. Don’t wish to eat chickens any more as they can get you win many thrilling battles!
Meanwhile the chicken could refuel the supplies and even more improve the power of bullets.
Weapon Chicken

Your goal is to kill all the monsters in three different worlds and thereby collecting gold and other items!!
No recent known changes has been made in this Weapon chicken 1.1 version!! You find it yourself!!


Golf Stars Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

Released Game NameGolf Stars 1.0 Apk 
Supported Android version: Android 1.6 and up
Category Description:
 Arcade & Action
Game Overview: More simple, fun and action golf. Play some different sort of golf game but nothing seems to be amazing in this golf game!
Golf Stars is the latest action based golf game released at the Google play store. Check out how many stars you can score this time.
Golf Stars! 1.0
Choose a Driver, Iron or Putter and swing your way to victory!
18 holes of realistic ball physics, unfortunately placed crates and random wind patterns to challenge the best players. Only the best will stay under par and catch all the stars to win the Scramble Champion trophy and unlock the 18 Hole Scramble mode!

Use your finger to drag where you want the ball to go. Make sure to use the Driver (Long shots), Iron (Medium distance) and Putter (Short shots) accordingly. Try to get it in the hole, but more importantly, try to do it under Par and catching ALL the stars along the way!


World Cruise Story Apk v1.0.4 (1.0.4) Download

Released Game NameWorld Cruise Story 1.0.4 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 1.6 and up
Category Description:
Game Overview: Are you ready for an luxury excursion ? Make your world different from others where you do anything to attract VIP’s for getting popularity and business!
World Cruise Story , an addictive casual game where you attract more wealthy people to your cruiser ship to make your world more busy. Meanwhile you can earn a great business and can spent rest of your life in great pleasure. Deck your ship heading to many countries for more rich people! 
World Cruise Story 1.0.4

Deck your own ship with everything from lavish suites and first-class restaurants to casinos and hot tubs! You call the shots as you travel the world, visiting every country on the map–even entertaining royalty with tours truly fit for kings!
Put the right facilities next to each other and you’ll score big points with passengers and reviewers. Amass enough fame and even celebrities will come flocking when you’re in port!

Can you turn your sea buggy into a 5-star floating paradise? Put on your captain’s hat and find out in World Cruise Story!


Pirate Mysteries v1.09 Apk Android

- Fun and comedic story line!

- Meet strange and quirky characters along the way!

- 30 unique and exciting locations!

- 10 minigames that needs solving!

- Install to SD card supported (App2SD)

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

Guitar : Solo full v1.51 Apk Android

* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound

* A huge chord library with chord diagrams - hear and see how each chord is played.

* Create your own chords

* Play along to any music loaded on your phone

* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web - excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play

* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range

* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite songs

* Customize the UI to fit your playing style

* Use multitouch on supported devices

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

Mega APK Smartphones Free Download

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">/></meta>Mega APK Smartphones Free DownloadKing of Fighter III Deluxe Apk v1.0 (1.0) DownloadWeed Farmer Apk v1.421 (1.421) DownloadSpider-Man Runner Apk v1.07 (1.07) DownloadGhost Sniper Zombie Apk v1.06 (1.06) DownloadKartRider Rush+ Apk v1.1.1 (1.1.1) DownloadFlick Shoot Pro Apk v1.7 (1.7) DownloadWind-Up Knight Apk v1.7 (1.7) DownloadAnimal Dash Apk v1.00 (1.00) DownloadFoosball Cup Apk v1.0 (1.0) DownloadDark Summoner Apk v1.01.08 (1.01.08) DownloadThe Pirate Bay Browser Apk v2.3 (2.3) DownloadN.O.S. Car Speedrace Apk v1.22 (1.22) Download<body id="readabilityBody" readability="256.66564795768">>

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Released Game NameKing of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up
Category Description: Arcade & Action
Game Overview: You are the Hero of this action packed game King of Fighter III. You need to take all the responsibilities on your responsible shoulders. Its you test!!

Play the Deluxe version of the arcade game King of Fighter 3 that includes all levels unlocked, free 99 gems and a lot more!! Did you get bored playing alone the Hero side ? Want a comapanian? Yes, there’s a beautiful girl that will help you to resist the forces of evil together!

-A long time to enjoy a wonderful vacation, but interferes with the peace of the unexpected arrests and crack. The police had been intended that the wanted man, and Long, who came under attack and a coma after a criminal arrest for trading. When you wake up, you notice that your body was full of energy, this energy without conscious control the forces let off, put a shirt and a pair of beauty “lipstick” and hearts begin to fight against death.

That’s a new wave of more easily, great battles of the wind, and add a variety of game-play BOSS new, full of ambition. A variety of stunning variety of skills and the level and open. Definitely, it is an exciting game with fresh units.
King of Fighter III is running a martial arts game, you-Long, who came under attack and a coma after a criminal arrest for trading.

* Sensitive control! Several strategies for fighting
* Learn the moves “Teaching Mode”
* Various updates to the level of the arena and the state is coming soon!
* Smooth punches and kicks!
* It supports a dual role system, level switch, hidden in a variety of challenge levels and many other new elements!!


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Released Game NameWeed Farmer 1.421 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 1.6 and up
Category Description: Casual
Game Overview: Grow as many Marijuana plants as you can in one of the most popular online game made for Android. There are plenty of players waiting for you to join them online in this casual based game-play!!
Weed Farmer is a casual based game for Android where you play as a smart farmer who has to keep growing plants of Marijuana. There are already millions of players online to give you an competition!!

Welcome Weed Farmer! Get ready to accept the challenges and reap the rewards as you increase your growing skills and bank account by farming 30 different strains of cannabis plants. Manage each stage of a plant’s growth and production, from seed germination to the final harvest, you control it all. Upgrade your grow location from a small starting closet to a massive warehouse. Choose from a large number of supplies and equipment to install for creating multiple specialized growing rooms.


* 30 unique types of weed to grow, harvest, sell and collect.
* Fully Online with dedicated servers storing each action you perform resulting in no loss of game data.
* Fight off attacks by bugs and fungus while avoiding dehydration and nutrient deficiency.
* Specialized grow areas allow for direct plant interaction during each stage of a plant’s growing cycle.
* Manage all aspects of growing such as lighting, ventilation, growing mediums, water supply, hydro pumps and many more.
* Buff up your plants by adding fertilizer, regular watering and transplanting to different growing mediums.
* Chat live in game with other growers to share tips and brag about your latest harvests.
* Increase your growing skill to increase profits by learning to growing more difficult types of weed.
* Leader boards show wealthiest growers, most skilled growers, highest yielding harvests and more.
* Events like in-game holiday events and reward gear!!

This version of Weed farmer has issues fixed with the ignore list,  and it made better of Android 4.0 supported devices!!


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Released Game NameSpider-Man Runner 1.07 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up
Category Description: Arcade & Action
Game Overview: How faster can you run even when you are spider-man and you are running for your life. Here the Spider-Man has got some serious trouble and he can’t get through it, so he just have to run to save his life!
Spider-Man Runner is a fast paced game for Android where you favorite spider-man is in danger and has to keep running. Run on your way and jump wherever required. The game is made out of HD graphics, great sound experience and music. Avoid obstacles in your way and follow fast reflexes to escape out.You need to keep good tempo to avoid all obstacles on the running way!!

How to play:
- Tap screen to let Spider Man Runner jump.
- You must jump over obstacles fast and carefully.
- Long-distance jumping and continuous jumping would be a challenge.
- High Score: Collect more items, use less number of life.
- High Rating: One-time clearance per level.

- Very fast paced gameplay
- Really challenging
- Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking
- Different difficulties
- Small file but HD graphics!!


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Released Game NameGhost Sniper Zombie 1.06 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up
Category Description: Arcade & Action
Game Overview: A deadly battle between you and zombies is going to happen.So, you what you choose ? Fight back or Die !!
Ghost Sniper Zombie is a battle against the deadliest Zombies on earth. You have got a sniper and other weapons to fight back! Join this thrilling Defense battle against the Zombies and save the civilians. It is one of the best defense game made for iPhone and Android!!

Provides high quality graphics as it was produced in full HD.
It was honored with the Global App Award in recognition of its game quality.
The high quality visual and sound effects will give you a sense of realism during each blow and attack.
The diverse and unique zombies will keep you tense and on the edge of your seats.
With the controls optimized for smartphones, the feeling of enthrallment is right at your fingertips.
There is never a dull moment thanks to the strategic level configuration, and you will feel an incredible excitement as you attack your enemies.
It reflects the wind direction, bullet speed and ballistics, giving you a sense of realism.
This game has depth with the growth and equipment systems, etc.


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Released Game NameKartRider Rush+ 1.1.1 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up
Category Description: Racing
Game Overview: The iPhone smashing Hit now available on Android with the same-play and addicting experience. Got millions of downloads worldwide and high rating!!
KartRider Rush is an iPhone smashing hit now on Android, with touch controls, racing fun, awesome graphics and much more. It is a worldwide popular game with around 200 millions of downloads!!

Control your fast paced drift and ensure that no one defeat you!!
Best of all, the game is free! If you enjoy it, you can choose to purchase more tracks, anything from simple courses that rookies can navigate with ease to treacherous tracks riddled with dangerous curves!

Made with two amazing game modes: Item Mode and Speed Mode. The Item Mode let you attack on each others with items to get more more. The other Speed Mode let you drift to gather Nitro, which grants bursts of speed to sprint toward the finish!

-Local multiplayer is available using Bluetooth for up to 4 players.
-Please turn off your WiFi connection for maximum Bluetooth bandwidth.

App Crashes:
-It is possible your device does not have enough memory available to run KartRider Rush.
-Double-click the home button to bring up the multitasking dock and turn off unused apps


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Released Game NameFlick Shoot Pro 1.7 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.0.1 and up
Category Description: Sports Games
Game Overview: Let give some rest to your kicks because now just a flick is required to goal. It is a new way to experience soccer!

Flick Shoot Pro is the advanced version of popular Flick shoot game for Android with a lot of new stuff to feel. Indulge into a realistic physics based soccer game for all football lovers!

# Two different game modes
# Improved graphics and playability
# Realistic goal keeper animations and physics engine
# Realistic kick and swerve controls
# Highscore for each game mode
# 4 different game modes: Arcade, Time Attack, +Wall Kick, +Goal Post
# There are no ads!!


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Released Game NameWind-Up Knight 1.7 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up
Category Description: Arcade & Action
Game Overview: Fight back to Robots as they are going to kill you in this Robot invading game with 3D side scrolling action packed game-play!
Wind-up Knight, an arcade game where Robots have gone mad, they will do anything to kill you down. You have your sword to cut them down before they kill you. Join the adventures journey!!

There are 50 levels of endless action. Try to rescue the Princess from the clutches of the evil Black Knight. Kill everyone who comes in your way to victory. Meanwhile you must run, jump and roll. Try to escape where you can’t dominate. Don’t even miss a single shot of action!!

Game features :
• Over 50 soul-crushing levels in four unique worlds.
• Intense platforming action: double jumping, wall sliding, dive and roll, just to name a few cool moves.
• Achievements, mega-hard “knightmare” levels, and Xperia Play support!
• New weapons and armor unlock as you play the game. Use the Armory to equip items and customize your character!
• Original soundtrack by Josh Whelchel.
Wind-up Knight has been designed from the ground up by Robot Invader to provide a console-level experience for your Android device. The Princess hasn’t got all day, download it now!
Note: if you are mega awesome it is possible to unlock all the levels in this game for free. If you prefer to pay a few bucks to unlock levels, that’s cool too. However, some purchases are not transferable across devices, will be lost forever if you uninstall or wipe your phone, and are non-refundable!

This version of wind-up knight now runs smoother on Android 4.1 and Android 3.0 devices and some purchase related bugs are removed. Performance is enhanced and made better for Xperia Play and other devices!!


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Released Game Name: Animal Dash 1.00 Apk 
Supported Android version: Android 2.3 and up
Category Description: Arcade & Action
Game Overview: Your friends have been caught by a cruel cook and now he is after you. Run along your way to escape in this paced game!
Animal Dash, a run for your life type android game where you need to rescue your group Animals from a cook. Do anything to save your life and to rescue your friends. Increase your points by collecting fruits!!

Earn high scores to unlock exotic different locations and wacky new game modes! Leap acrobatically through the air and skim along the water to stay alive while the newly freed escapees loyally follow you to the end.


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Released Game NameFoosball Cup 1.0 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up
Category Description: Sports games
Game Overview: Another fantastic free Football game from Ludus Studio!!
Foosball Cup, another stylish fast paced game for Android where you want to win the cup to become the champion. Try to defeat your competitors of all nations. Play the amazing hot-seat mode to challenge anyone online!

Foosball Cup has a realistic, Dynamic with high responsive controls game-play. You can either challenge the Droid or a friend with multiple levels of difficulty. You can play for a variety of international teams in a High resolution 3D graphic mode!!
Various tournaments and achievements!!


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Released Game NameDark Summoner 1.01.08 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up
Category Description: Arcade & Action
Game Overview: One of the great action fantasy game for iPhone has arrived on Android. With over millions of downloads at the iOS store its gonna hit hard the Google play store!
Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner , a fantastic social game ranked top in many countries full of dark stuff like deadly monsters, shooting, escaping etc!! Don’t miss this chance to become a top class monster!
Enhance your evil powers and dominate on each and every monster!!

Its time for you to become the most powerful monster by acquiring the power of a forth monster. Summon the great monsters of their time and raise them to acquire their power. You need to find  Alies to become stronger than your enemies!

■ Designs From Famous Artists Worldwide!
Exceptional illustrations and CG movies were designed with
top artists from countries all over the world.

■ Over 700 Types of Deadly Monsters!
Many strong monsters are creations of top talent in the industry.
More and more monsters are added frequently.

■ Sacrifice! Death is Power!
Make use of your weaker monsters… Strengthen your army.
Aim to find and completely max out the most powerful army!

■ Make Allies & Defeat Dark Lords!
Use Collectable Loot to confront Dark Lords in battle.
To defeat these powerful Lords, you must gather Allies to strengthen
your attack. Dark Lords join victorious armies as a reward.

■ Clan System
In the Clan system, groups of players can work towards
upgrading Clan facilities for in-game power ups.
Clan events will also be added for everyone to compete in!

■ Enjoy Even for a Few Minutes
Quickly play even for a short time.
Great design to get a lot done during break time!

■ Monthly Events & Free Updates
Always something to achieve for in-game rewards.
Game world will continue to grow as you play!


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Released App Name: The Pirate Bay Browser 2.3 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up
Category Description: Tools
App Overview: Search one of your favorite Pirate Bay torrents by using an Android app on your phone. You don’t need to open the website every time you want to download a torrent file. Easily access all the stuff of the Pirate Bay website with many useful features.  Easily access the Pirate Bay most popular torrents, and search.
The Pirate Bay Browser, is a free tool to access a wide range of Pirate Bay torrents on your Android. Search whichever torrent you want from there and download it using a torrent client of your choice!!

The Pirate Bay Browser

Please note that this particular app is not affiliated with the The Pirate Bay therefore, it won’t provide you any support for this app.
If still you face any problem, please write to the application developer!!


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Dinosaur War v1.1.3

Overview: Dinosaur War brings you back to the most fierce prehistoric battles!

Dark force overwhelmed the lost land, destroying the homeland where men and dinosaurs have lived in harmony for so long. Survivors are determined to unite with dinosaur allies and expel the evil off the land.

- Build mines, pastures, stone quarries to prepare resources;

- A variety of dinosaurs and ancient beasts wait for your recruitment;

- Build Prey Fences, Terror Swamps, etc, to accommodate and recruit troops;

- Win battles to obtain equipment strengthening your power;

- Choose your weapons and armor to get equipped before fighting;

- Jurassic Shop provides extra options of equipment for you;

- Use crystals smartly to accelerate production, resurrect dead soldiers, etc.;

- Increase population limit with decorations;

- Log in often to win gold eggs;

- Complete daily goals to win extra rewards;

- Challenge other players online at Arena to improve your troop force.

- Watch out "Overpower Rules" in central base.


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RPG Aeon Avenger - KEMCO v1.1.1

Overview: Adventure story of revenge through time and space!


XPERIA PLAY Optimized.

The story of revenge across three eras – past, present, and future – starts now!

Long ago, gods governed the world and magical powers were granted to people.

But over centuries, people developed their own technologies and forgot the gods.

The main character Lake is a young man who led an ordinary but happy life in a rural village, until the day the Man in Black and his monsters brutally attacked his town, and his family was killed.

Lake set out on a journey for revenge and met Rean, a young woman in a tribe who keep the secrets of time-travel. For revenge, and to learn the truth, their adventure beyond space and time begins...

- The world of space-time traveling

"Aeon Avenger" is a RPG where you can experience space-time travel.

You can time-travel across thousands of years through the past, present and future. The map, characters, associations, and people’s relationships change over time! The key to a problem in this era may lie in another time.

- "Bit" system

Introducing the unique "Bit" system!

By attaching bits to items, a character’s battle prowess can be greatly enhanced. You'll gain bits in various ways, and also learn to evolve them through time.

- Beautiful, high resolution graphics!

For Android, the graphics were newly drawn at higher resolution! You'll enjoy the more detailed world of “Aeon Avenger.”

[Supported OS]

- 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0

[Supported Screen]

- HVGA(320x480) and larger

[Xperia™ PLAY]

- Xperia PLAY Optimized

[Move to SD card]

- Impossible


- Japanese, English


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Neuroshima Hex v1.2

Overview: In the world of Neuroshima you need to prove you have what it takes to survive.

Neuroshima Hex is a fast paced, tactical board game where up to 4 players (human or AI) lead their troops to victory. Every player controls one of the four armies struggling for influence and survival in the world destroyed in a 30 years long war. March with the machines of Moloch, leading its army towards setting the new world order. Become Borgo and unite the forces of the mutants who spread terror in the wastelands. Lead The Outpost - humanity's last and only hope and try to beat the machines in an uneven guerrilla war. Be the boss of The Hegemony - land of gangers not caring about the fate of others and living only for violence and their mad entertainment.

In the world of Neuroshima Hex you need to prove you have what it takes to survive.

Neuroshima Hex is well known in the board game community. Neuroshima Hex holds 100th place in the prestige BoardGameGeek ranking (which contains almost 50,000 games from around the world). In May 2007 Neuroshima Hex was awarded a special jury distinction for the Best Polish Designer Game published in 2006. Neuroshima Hex was also published in the US (by Z-Man Games) and France (by IELLO).


- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork

- 4 different armies with unique strategies

- Up to 4 players (human or AI)

- 3 AI difficulty levels

- In-game tutorial & manual

- Tons of gameplay

- Easy to learn, hard to master

What's in this version:

- animations improvements and fixes for android 3 and 4.0

- different application hang-ups fixes

- AI behavior fixes

- black bar / invisible HQ health on Android 4.1 (Google Nexus7) is caused by Android 4.1 bug and will be fixed by Google in future release.


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